The Startup...

The whole idea of Direct to Film printing, for me, has been evolving over many, many months. We already run a small online business, a business that's really enjoyable, profitable, and fun. Often, we found ourselves wishing we had the ability to provide customized items for some of our products. The rest. as they say, is history... Our house has a long history with printing. Family and friends, all kinds, silkscreen printers, offset printers, independents, national companies, etc. However, I've been an online merchant for several years now. I started seeing other people and companies who do similar things as our online company does, also start to branch out into other "branded" items. So, we started doing in-house silkscreen printing and customizing some items we sell. Ok, not bad, we liked the results. Then we started wanting our own line of themed "merch"- tshirts, mugs, tote bag, etc. As luck would have it, my partner is also a photographer who had a fair

The Blog!

 The Blog... MagicDTF Direct to Film Transfers! This is blog for check back often for updates!